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Vandematharam group organic farming and marketing project

This project focus in organic farming and marketing activities as mentioned in name. Franchiser plan to arrange organic farming by individual members. By appointing wardwise franchise, franchiser wish to support parttime farmers. The products must be organic. Without consideration of quantity of products, we wish to purchase from individual members. The main intention of this project is production of organic foods, improvement of knowledge and productive mode of new generation and employement generation.

The goal of project is
Huge production of organic food products

hence our country become world's largest organic food producer as like our country become world's largest milk producer by implementing white revolution in 1970. The credit for the success of white revolution goes for Anand cooperative ltd and it's ex chairman Late Sri Goerge Kurian Sir.

Employement generation

Gradial change the self destructive mindset of our new generation to productive mindset by involving them in this project by slowly giveup from over use of social media and mobile sickness.

Improvement of nature's quality, hence control for climate changes.
Swatch bharath program implementation.
Vandematharam Group Of Project is bunch of following subprojects
  • Vandematharam group general marketing project.
  • Vandematharam group organic farming and marketing project
  • Vandematharam group organic farming project.
  • Vandematharam group general servicing project.
  • Vandematharam group general manufacturing project
  • Vandematharam group general processing project.

We have been serving the society by trading activities for 17 years in Nirchal town situated in Badiadka Grama Panchayath, Kasaragod District, Kerala State.  Now we are preparing to add one more project.  We want to organize group organic farming/agriculture and marketing.  We decided to naming the project as ‘Vande maataram group organic farming and marketing’.  We want to organize the project and utilize the net profit of the project for social welfare activities hence to uplift economical status and ethical status of people.  If this excellency the government want to implement the project as its own project we are ready to dedicate it. 

The details of Project are given below:
  • The Name of Project: Vande Matharam group organic farming and marketing.
  • The area of activity expected: Throughout India.
  • The time duration of Project: Once started continues.
  • The participants: 60 people out of 138 or people population expected.
  • The mode of activity: Organic farming and maketing that product.
  • The minimum organic product expected by Individual farmer per day: 20 Kg.
  • The type of farming mainly interested to involve: Terrace gardening and horticultures and arrange far̥ming in unused public or private lands by getting proper legal permission by government. The part time farmers with other occupation mainly need project support.
The Main Parts of the Project
  1. Franchiser
  2. Franchisee
  3. Participants in project


The more Details about main project parts are given below;

  1. Franchiser: We want to serve as franchiser.  Franchiser is sole organizer of project.  The complete project is organized and controlled by isuuing membership to the participant individuals and by appointing area wise franchisee.
  2. Franchisee: Franchiser appoint area wise franchisee.  The duty of franchisee is to give proper guidance to individual farmers of allotted area and details communicated with franchiser.  Franchisee is link between individual participants and franchiser.
  3. Individual participants: First membership issued to interested farmers.  In this project participants are mainly part time agriculture.  The persons who are having other permanent occupation encourages and supported to conduct agriculture in their a little free time.


The farming is divided into 7 categories according to the type of products.  That 7 categories and details are as below;


  1. Wet livestock feeds: The grass, napier grass the stem part of millets, green leaves of any of edible plants are coming under this category. For example, The skin of fresh vegetable, fruits.
  2. Dry livestock feeds: Hay dried grass husks, pods of nuts, dried edible plant leaves, plant parts, dried skin of vegetable, fruits are some example. Silage is also one of the products coming under this category.
  3. Other edible organic agriculture products: Pulses and dhal, food grains, oil seeds millets, spices all are coming under this category.
  4. Vegetables: There are several thousands of varieties of vegetables coming under this category. There are root modifications, leafy vegetables, fruits used as vegetables, flowers.
  5. Other edible and non-edible products: Some of other edible agriculture products coming under this category.  For example, Honey, mushroom etc.  The non-edible itens are coir, jute, fiber, wax etc.
  6. Fruits (Fleshy): The fresh and fleshy fruits separated in this category. For example, Pineapple, banana, Sapota, jackfruit, mango.
  7. Fruits (Dry): Dried fleshy fruits and naturally dry fruits in this category.

Above all this categories the some other agriculture industries are present.  The examples are floriculture, orchid culture etc.  They can be taken in edible and non-edible category.  The wood industry is also another main type can be added.

            20 Kg. of agriculture product by individual per day shared in 7 categories given below. 

  1. 13 Agriculture Experts/10 Lakh/For 600 particip[ants 1 employee expected

                The employment opportunity in this project is given below.

    (Approximately crores of job opportunity)

Sl. No.

Type of duty

No. of employment

Reason for expectation


Product purchasing and marketing (local)

1.2 Crores

By 20 kg. product individuals production 50 members production



10 Lakhs

For 600 members 1 outlet


Apparatus marketing

10 Lakhs

For 600 members 1 franchise (expectation)


Drier machinery

10 Lakhs

For 600 participants 1 drier machinery


Natural storage mechanism

10 Lakhs

For 600 participants 1 store house


Food processing unit (unit)

10 Lakhs

For 600 participants 1 food processing unit


Renewable energy system (Biogas & Biodiesel)

10 Lakhs

By 20 kg. product individuals production 50 members production


Other mobile food marketing system

10 Lakhs

For 600 members 1 outlet


Food marketing

other outlets

10 Lakhs

For 600 members 1 franchise (expectation)


Agriculturist and food specialist

10 Lakhs

For 600 participants 1 drier machinery


Transportation system

10 Lakhs

For 600 participants 1 store house


Livestock feeds processing unit, Chalf cutter and silage production unit

10 Lakhs

For 600 participants 1 food processing unit


The other

Not yet estimated


The Salient Features of Project
  1. This project leads to economic and organic food products production revolution in our country.
  2. This project is eco-friendly. The project will positively response for stability of nature by reducing climate change because here this project huge organic agriculture begins.
  3. Huge employment generation.
  4. Huge organic food production.
  5. Divert people especially young generation and students from self destructive mode (mobile sickness) to productive mode.
  6. Economical status improvement.
  7. Gives opportunity for mingling of people each other.
  8. In this project the zero budget farming which leads to ‘zero budget living’.
  9. This project is synonymous for milk collecting and marketing projects like Amul in Gujarath, Nandini in Karnataka and Milma in Kerala state.
  • In initial stage investment for both franchise and participant farmer is very lesser comparing with other industries.

The pro-social, pro-nation organisations, persons from we expect active participation and messages for their followers to participate in project are following.

  1. Organisation: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha (RSS)- One of largest service motive organization in world.
  2. Persons and Groups:

* Sri Ratan Tata (Industrialist & Social worker)

* Smt. Sudha Murthy

* Sri. Azim Premji

* Smt. Tejaswini Ananth Kumar

* Sri Annamalai

* Sri Suresh gopi

* Sri Sachin Tendulkar

* Smt. Madhuri Dikshith

* Smt. Asha Bonstle

* Kum.

* Sri Sadguru

* Sri Veerendra Hegde


            Here just I expressed some of people and organisations.  There are so many other persons and Organisations present.


My Experience (Knowledge) in this field

                        Although I am born in an agriculture family, we have enough farming and business also.  So I have little knowledge about organic agriculture.  Arecanut is one of main economical crops.  We are also having paddy field, pepper, cocoa, banana all as subsidiary crops.  March-April month of this year I started to terrace gardening and horticulture organic farming.  I got good result.  Comparing with inorganic agriculture, organic agriculture producing much lesser quantity of crops, but satisfactory for its purity.  I inspired by this and got the idea of this project.  The crops I cultivated in small quantity are;

  1. Wet livestock feeds: Napier grass, millets (finger millet, corn, sorgheem, Bagira, same.
  2. Dry livestock feeds: Paddy (Hay), dried napier, millet plant parts, husk of sorgheem the bunch of corn, bagira, pod of nuts etc.
  3. Other edible agriculture products: Toor, ground nut, sesamum, mustard, peanut.
  4. Vegetables: Tomato, green chilly, Amaranthus cansugar (not get yield), brinjal, peanut, ginger, turmeric etc.
  5. Other edible and non-edible products: Now cultivated.
  6. Fruits (Fleshy): Pineapple, Guava, Sapota are cultivated.
  7. Fruits (Dry): Not cultivated till now.


So I appeal his excellency the Central government, State government and self governing authorities to active involvement and support for our project.  We request the government to add agriculture as one more subject to all of academic subject in education department.  We also appeal for term based legal permission for conducting agriculture activities in unused government owned lands, private owned lands, the terrace of government buildings, private buildings etc.  I have some tips to farming without any effect to the terrace of building.

We request for supplying the sapling of millets, vegetables and other plants adapted with grow bag supplied for students and people of locality through agriculture departments of respected states.

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